Sustainability. Why choosing plastic pallets

“Minimize the environmental impact over the life cycle of resources, promote recycling of materials are activities that increase the efficiency of the European economy and reduce the negative effects on the environment of the exploitation of natural resources…” This is the thematic strategy about prevention of pollution and waste recycling communicated by the European Commission in 2005, well-received by Boxlite Packaging, whose production does not involve the use of petroleum, but the use of recycled, and 100% recyclable, plastic materials. SustainabilityThe European orientation and the concept of environmental sustainability is applied in the activities of:

  • Prevention: design and produce packaging , optimizing the use of resources , minimizing the use of hazardous substances and reducing the amount and harmfulness of packaging for the environment.
  • Recycling and recovery: design and produce the packaging to be reused and / or recycled or energy recovered thereby achieving a double saving of resources and energy

The use of pallets and packaging reusable plastic is stimulated mainly by environmental requirements. The production systems Boxlite Packaging does not use oil but plastics Recyclable 100 % . Reuse and extreme durability allow you to stretch the life cycle of packaging for many trips and many years .

Preservation of green

Plastic pallets help protect our forests. Over the past 150 years, deforestation has contributed an estimated 30% of the atmospheric build-up of CO2, a major greenhouse gas.

Waste reduction

Plastic pallets are 100% recyclables. Should a plastic pallet become damaged, it will simply be remolded into new ones, thus eliminating the “disposal issue.”

Fuel economy

Plastic pallets are 35% lighter than wooden pallets and reduce fuel costs, number of transports and emissions.

Safety in the workplace

Plastic pallets are lightweight and handy,which makes them significantly easier for one worker to lift and move. They have no chipping, broken boards or protruding nail so they are safer both for operators and for the transported goods.

Automation support

Boxlite packaging’ s plastic pallets are flexible, durable, uniform in size and shape and are the best for handling and storage.

Promotion of hygiene

Plastic pallets are impervious to pests, resistant to oils, molds and bacteria; they don’t require fumigation or other treatments, lowering the risk of cross-contamination.

Compliance with export

Boxlite Packaging’s plastic pallets comply with ISPM (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) Phytosanitary regulation and don’t require heat treatments or chimica fumigations.