gamma magic

The pallets of MAGIC range are moulded using recycled polyolefin resins but, upon customer’s request, can be made in any other plastic, also raw materials.

They are designed for transporting heavy or particularly cumbersome goods. The main feature consists of their enclosed bench, that enables loading elements that require this type of package.

The MAGIC pallets are particularly sturdy and suitable for use in various sectors.

The MAGIC pallets are available in two sizes:

  •  800×1200 mm
  •  1000×1200 mm

and in two versions:

  • with fully enclosed loading bench and thus the feet can be oveposed
  • with enclosed loading bench, except for the feet, thus allowing them to be overposed

All pallets of MAGIC range are also equipped with a perimeter neck that enables fitting a belt that, if coupled to an injection moulded lid, enables achieving a collapsible composable box, ideal for handling and transporting goods for the most diverse sectors.

Download the data sheet of the palletScarica il pdf
Download the data sheet of the boxScarica il pdf