Range LITE

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The pallets of LITE range are moulded using recycled polyolefin resins but, upon customer’s request, can be made in any other plastic, also raw materials.

The pallets of LITE range stand out due to their reticular structure, with empty inserts not only on top and bottom surface but also on the side walls of the reticle (where were made the holes with 34 mm diameter).

The special patented structure has been devised to obtain a rigid and sturdy element using recycled materials, that are usually more flexible.

Strength and Lightness

Compared to other benches with similar performance, the reticle that makes the LITE range special provides high strength and a significant lightness to the pallet.

The sizes of the pallets of LITE series cover the entire range of standard sizes as well as non-standard sizes. In particular:

  • minipallet 400×600 mm (in “light” and “reinforced” versions)
  • demipallet 600×800 mm
  • 600×1200 mm
  • 800×1200 mm
  • 900×1200 mm
  • 1000×1200 mm
  • 1100×1200 mm
  • 1200×1200 mm

Compared to wooden pallets, LITE pallets boast several advantages:

  • they are lighter
  • they are both subject to risk of chips detachment and, therefore the risk of accident is reduced
  • they do not require fumigation treatment
  • they can be made in 100% recycled materials, from both domestic and industrial plastic waste.
  • at the end of its service life, the pallets involve a waste disposal cost but, otherwise, they represent a cost-saving resource due to the fact that plastic of which are made can be fully recycled and, therefore, valorized

Collapsible and Composable Box.

All pallets of LITE range are also equipped with a perimeter neck that enables fitting a belt that, if coupled to an injection moulded lid, enables achieving a collapsible composable box, ideal for handling and transporting goods for the most diverse sectors.

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