Range GO

gamma Go The pallets of GO range were designed to transport loads with limited weight but not particularly cumbersome.

These pallets are very light and sturdy: due to its special patented structure, their resistance to mechanical stress is higher than that of pallets usually defined “not-returnable”.

Usually moulded using recycled polyolefin resins, the GO pallets can also be made in any other plastic material, also raw materials, according to customer’s needs.

The pallets are available in the following dimension:

  • 800×1140 mm
  • 800×1200 mm
  • 900×1200 mm
  • 1000×1140 mm
  • 1000×1200 mm

and in two different structures:

  • “light” version
  • “reinforced” version

that stand out from one another due to the different thickness of the ribs that made up the structure of the element.

In size 800×1200 mm the customer can request the enclosed bench (except for the feet, that are required to enable over posing).

This version is mostly used in the food industry in which the pallet comes into direct contact with food (for example for transporting and storing meat).

The use of high-performance polypropylene (PP) makes this pallet suitable for use at low temperatures (refrigeration cells).

GO pallets are particularly suitable for shipment in Countries in which fumigation treatment for wooden pallets is mandatory, but for cases in which is not required a high bearing capacity.

Plastic Pallets Advantages

Compared to wooden pallets, GO pallets boast several advantages:

  • they are lighter
  • they are both subject to the risk of chips detachment and, therefore the risk of an accident is reduced
  • they do not require fumigation treatment
  • they can be made in 100% recycled materials, from both domestic and industrial plastic waste.
  • at the end of its service life, the pallets involve a waste disposal cost but, otherwise, they represent a cost-saving resource due to the fact that plastic of which are made can be fully recycled and, therefore, valorized

Composable Box

On the pallet can be mounted a special accessory for fitting a perimeter belt that, if coupled to an injection moulded lid, enables achieving a collapsible composable box, ideal for handling and transporting goods for the most diverse sectors.

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