Oscar dell'imballaggio
The LITE container box was created in 1988 for the specific need of the company VIDEOPLASTIC SpA, leader in the supply of furniture for televisions to the most important European companies, to ship extremely delicate plastic components with returnable packaging that would allow them to be stored outdoors and to have a volume, when the packaging is empty, much lower than that of the assembled packaging. Added to these was the need to have a sturdy and rigid pallet even if made from recycled materials, which are essentially “soft”.

The research led to the design of a honeycomb structure for the pallet that allowed for remarkable performance in terms of resistance to both impact and bending. The belt was made of extruded plastic, with hot folds that allowed it to collapse.

The lid was designed to support the load of other containers above. The result was such a good container that, proposed at the 1999 Packaging Oscar Contest, it won first prize.

From 1999 the product was then offered on the market and sold in all sectors. Over time, the LITE range has expanded to include all standard sizes as well as special sizes, even large ones.

Two more ranges were introduced in the following years.

  • The GO range includes pallets for limited loads, both in general sectors and in the food sector. The GO-BOX range of containers will also be introduced shortly, specifically designed for shipments in which the packaging may be disposable or – for limited loads – returnable.
    The GO range is available in the sizes 800 × 1200 mm and 1000 × 1200 mm.
  • The MAGIC range has been designed for heavy loads and for packaging for which a closed floor is needed. The MAGIC container has been specially designed for the automotive sector, being substantially compatible with the most important packaging used in this sector.
    The MAGIC range is available in the sizes 800 × 1200 mm and 1000 × 1200 mm.