Plastic Pallets

All Boxlite Packaging pallets are designed to obtain collapsible box containers with the use of perimeter belts in extruded PP – foldable with gussets – and injection-molded covers. The sectors in which they are used are the most diverse, generally they are used to replace wooden, iron and cardboard packaging, heavier and bulky or less resistant.

The advantages of plastic boxes are many and are added to those listed for pallets:

  • they are generally lighter and therefore cause a lower consumption of automotive fuel with consequent lower CO2 emissions
  • reduce the risk of accidents (no detachment of wood splinters or iron wires)
  • at the end of their life they do not represent a cost for disposal, but an exploitable resource
  • they can be stored both outdoors and in uncovered areas and on shelves, but they can also be stacked, in 3 or more positions
  • they can be assembled and disassembled very quickly by a single person
  • they can be washed and sanitized