Plastic foldable boxes

All the pallets made by BOXLITE Packaging are designed to achieve collapsible box containers made up of:

  • injection moulded pallets
  • possible anti-tilting beams for snap-in mounting
  • perimeter foldable belts in extruded PP with bellows
  • injection moulded lids

These products can be used for various applications; usually, they are used to replace heavy and cumbersome packages (iron or iron/wooden crates) or less resistant (cardboard boxes).

The plastic BOXLITE Packaging boxes feature several benefits:

  • usually, they are lighter and, therefore, they require less fuel for self-traction resulting in reduced CO2 emission
  • reduced risk of accidents: these packages are not subjected to risks of chips detachment (compared to wooden packages) and iron wires (compared to iron gitterboxes).
  • at the end of its service life, the box involves a waste disposal cost but, otherwise, it represents a cost-saving resource due to the fact that plastic of which is made can be fully recycled and, therefore, valorized
  • they can be stored outdoors and in uncovered spaces
  • they can be stored on shelves and also overposed in 3 or more positions.
  • they can be mounted and unmounted very fast by a single person only
  • they can be washed and sanitized