BoxlitePackagingBOXLITE Packaging was born in March 2013 with the aim of proposing on the market industrial plastic packaging for the transport and handling of goods ; in particular, the company designs, manufactures and markets various ranges of pallets, collapsible containers and rigid plastic containers. BOXLITE Packaging, although recently established, originates from an important entrepreneurial experience in the sector of mold construction, injection molding and aesthetic decoration of plastic components.

The owners and collaborators, in fact, come from structures that have contributed to writing the history not only of the plastic packaging sector, but, more generally, of the processing of the plastic material itself.

The long experience in both design and production has allowed the designers of BOXLITE Packaging, in recent years, to develop products that allow high mechanical performance even with use of 100% recycled materials .

The company mission is in fact to replace traditional packaging (wood, cardboard and metal) with recycled plastic packaging, which therefore does not involve the use of petroleum derivatives, but the pure reuse of plastic waste of domestic and / or industrial origin. , eco-sustainable but equally resistant and performing.

The same packaging, at the end of its life, does not constitute an economic burden, but, on the contrary, a resource, since it can be fully recycled to produce other packaging or other products. In addition, the plastic packaging, being significantly lighter than the homologous products made with other materials, allow a reduced emission of CO2 both for the reduced energy consumption in the recycling phase of the material, and for the lower fuel consumption in transport.


The Sole Director of BOXLITE Packaging, the engineer Marcello Zucchinali has been operating in the sector since the early 1980s, a period in which he began to support his father Bruno, a highly skilled entrepreneur and technician, in the management of the family business.

Bruno Zucchinali marked the development of the design and construction of molds from the early pioneering times to the use of the most sophisticated technologies, distinguishing himself in particular for the very strong innovative spirit that led him to introduce plastic in many applications where previously the exclusivity was reserved for other materials, such as wood, metal, cardboard.

But the entrepreneurial history of the Zucchinali family begins even earlier, at the time of the beginnings of plastic processing in Italy: in turn, Bruno Zucchinali had in fact been introduced to the design and construction of molds by his father Albino.

In 1922 Albino Zucchinali he was one of the first 5 young mechanics initiated in Italy to the profession of mold makers by Count Quintavalle, partner of Ercole Marelli, who had bought the license in the USA to be able to work bakelite, one of the first thermosetting synthetic plastic materials.

From that small group of young pioneers, the processing of plastic materials was born in Italy, and the industrial history of BOXLITE Packaging and the entrepreneurial path of a family that, for three generations, has its roots in this tradition an element of continuity for the sector in terms of competence, enthusiasm, passion for one’s work.